Art 4 All Shirley Davis Dew

One of the Art classes I run on a weekly basis.  Held in local town this class has been running since 2003.  ||it is a very lively group and is always welcoming to new students. 

I have also posted below pictures of the lovely students I have been privilege to teach over the years, many who have become dear friends.

Hopefully we will keep on enjoying each others company and carry on painting for years to come

If you want to see a tube video of my demonstrations then look at 08Atk58 or Thank you Shirley 

         Below are a selection of some of the lockdown homework paintings from the "Whats App Group" Students               

During Lockdown I have been setting my students homework on "Whats App" each week.  After they post their work to me I then send my critique to them by email.  Below are a few of their painting that they have sent in.

          (Some paintings may have been painted by students that have been inspired by unknown photographs )


                   Painting in the Garden over the years with Shirley Davis Dew 

                                                     Art Classes through the Years

This Weeks Chosen Image

Classes are held in a Yorkshire village England